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Thermal Imaging Inspection in Ottawa

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H&S Home Inspections offers a Thermal Imaging inspection service that uses infrared thermography to check for issues such as plumbing leaks inside a home and exterior moisture intrusion. We’ll also do a scan to look for electrical hotspots and other energy issues that you should be aware of. Get in touch today!

What is a Thermal Imaging Inspection?

A Thermal Imaging Inspection is a powerful, non-destructive, non-invasive and safe means of diagnosing, monitoring and providing immediate visual documentation of problem areas in your home, such as walls, ceilings, plumbing and electric panels.

Thermal imaging provides important information relating to extremely small but crucial differences in temperature from one area to another. These temperature variations show up on my camera's view screen as "cold" or "hot" spots, which reveal hidden problems that often cannot be detected visually or by hand.

H&S Home Inspections uses this method to identify moisture leaks, foundation cracks, insulation voids, hidden wall and ceiling condensation, heating/electrical or plumbing defects and much more. Call us today to book an appointment.

We can reveal a lot of hidden details


Thermal Imaging Inspection Ottawa
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Certified Technicians

A high-resolution thermal imaging device is not a “point and shoot” camera. The Canadian government has created the need for Infrared thermographer certifications in its National Master Specification, which cannot be obtained by taking an online, short-term webinar. Our experts have completed the required training to offer the most comprehensive building defect reporting available.

It is important to remember that since thermal signatures and infrared imaging requires a temperature differential of 10°C or 18°F, sometimes we will decline a request for service.

Solar loads, winds of more than 15mph, and ambient similar indoor/outdoor temperatures will negate the benefits of an IR scan. In these instances, H&S Home Inspections will rely on more traditional testing methodologies and save you unnecessary IR scan fees.

Comprehensive building defect reporting


Thermal Imaging Inspection Manotick

We can see what’s happening under the surface

A full home inspection can save you unexpected headaches down the line. Demand expert home inspectors – and settle for nothing less! H&S Home Inspections offers expertise you can rely on. Call today!

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