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Tarion Warranty in Ottawa

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In Ontario, new homes are covered by the Tarion home warranty program, which allows for construction defects in new homes to be repaired at no further cost to you.

At H&S Home Inspections, we recommend New Construction Phase Inspections a couple of weeks before delivery, after 30 days and just before the one-year anniversary. Call today to book your appointment.

What Is Tarion Warranty?

A question we regularly get asked by first-time buyers is: what is Tarion and why do I need it? In a nutshell, Tarion provides new home warranty protection to almost every new home in Ontario.

Tarion takes care of investigating warranty claims; resolving warranty disputes between homeowners and builders; providing deposit and delayed closing protection for new home buyers and also prosecuting illegal builders.

H&S Home Inspections provides clear and concise pre-delivery reports that will identify issues that need to be addressed.

We’ll include a list of items that are incomplete; damaged; missing; inaccessible, or not operating properly. Photos and references will be added for clarity where applicable, and we will describe locations carefully to make things as easy as possible for those referencing our reports.

Call today to book your appointment with our expert inspectors.

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Tarion Warranty Ottawa
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Know Your Rights

The Pre-Delivery Inspection is your first opportunity to report defects in your new home to your builder. Did you know that once you take possession, any scratches and dents may no longer be covered? That is because they are only covered if it can be proven that the builder caused them.

You have the right to bring a home inspector with you to the Pre-Delivery Inspection. Take advantage of all of the coverage available to you, call H&S Home Inspections today for a New Construction Inspection.

We will compare your new home to modern construction standards, identifying conditions and defects that are likely to be warranted by the Tarion New Home Warranty, in accordance with the CAHPI New Construction Inspection Protocol and the Tarion Construction Performance Guidelines.

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Ensure a full check is carried out before moving in

A full home inspection can save you unexpected headaches down the line. Demand expert home inspectors – and settle for nothing less! H&S Home Inspections offers expertise you can rely on. Call today!

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