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Real Estate Inspection in Ottawa

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During the Buyer’s Inspection, H&S Home Inspections look for your new home’s defects and help you understand the property so that you can make confident decisions on whether to purchase or not. Call today for an appointment.

The Best Home Inspections in Ottawa

There is nothing better than a safe and secure home. Your home is your safe haven, a place where you unwind after a hectic day at work. A place where you spend time with your loved ones. And, a home inspection gives you the much-needed sense of security.

Before buying a house, every homeowner should opt to do a buyer’s inspection to better understand the condition of the home you are planning to buy. That way, if there is any damage or defects, you do not have to pay for them later or experience any inconvenience.

And, the home inspection should be carried out by an experienced and skilled inspector to ensure that you get a trustworthy report.

This is why you should choose H&S Home Inspections. With over 17 years of experience in the field and a reputation for excellence, we give you the facts in clear and understandable ways. Call today to book an appointment.

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Real Estate Inspection Ottawa
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Hands-On Experience

H&S Home Inspections’s founder, David, has been immersed in the home building world for most of his life, having been raised by a father who would build his family’s custom homes every few years in rural Ottawa.

He has acted as the general contractor on two homes of his own, doing everything from buying the land and acquiring the required permits to actually carrying out construction.

Thanks to this, David has the hands-on experience that his customers can rely on when they come to him with questions about how to operate or build something in their own prospective homes.

In addition to his building and repair experience, David has also worked for the past 15 years as a builder representative, working with homeowners to help them identify issues and then take steps towards resolving them.

David has gone over hundreds of inspection reports with his clients and has seen firsthand how confusing they can be, so he remains dedicated to guiding all of his customers patiently through understanding home defects so that they feel increased confidence in their own decisions.

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Real Estate Inspection Manotick

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A full home inspection can save you unexpected headaches down the line. Demand expert home inspectors – and settle for nothing less! H&S Home Inspections offers expertise you can rely on. Call today!

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